Introducing hontou ni?!

Welcome to hontou ni?! (ほんとうに )

At this stage many of you are probably wondering what the hell the title of this blog means.  Here’s a brief background on  hontou ni?! – it’s the Japanese expression for “really?!”.  Here are some instances where you might use hontou ni?!, when in disbelief, when surprised & when you’re thinking wtf.

My intention for this blog is to capture a variety of issues and topics I come across that make you think “really?!”




About Emily Medizaday

Hey, I'm better known as Em (or many other nicknames - a list that is too long to include here). I belong to the marketing/advertising industry and currently reside in my home city Melbourne. A proud Melbournian (who of course is a footy fan - Go Pies), sharing a love for sports of all kinds. After travelling across many timezones it's always great to come across something new, that's creative, artistic, well designed and inspiring in my own backyard. View all posts by Emily Medizaday

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