The Great Melbourne Coffee Challenge

Inspired by finding myself in Melbourne’s CBD, caught in the rain, I realised that due to a three year absence in my home city, I no longer felt confident in my choice of a café (on any given street in Melbourne) that would guarantee a good latte. For those of you who might not be familiar with Melbourne’s status in the coffee stakes, it is fair to say that Melbourne is Australia’s coffee mecca (pipe down Sydney-siders you have nothing on us). To solve this issue, I reached into my handbag for my mobile, only to suddenly and horribly realise I was without it. Unable to call a friend, text, use an app or any www. means at all for help I began to feel uneasy. I tried to recall what I would do in the “good ol’ days” – unfortunately, my recollection was hazy, which lead to my decision to ensure nobody suffers this same fate. At that moment, The Great Melbourne Coffee Challenge was born.

To start this challenge, I figured, there was no better day than the very first day of winter. Australians have encountered a rough summer. With floods and all the natural disasters we have suffered, the first day of winter bore an extra hint of gloominess. With wintery Melbourne days ahead, it was the perfect time to embark on this little journey to Melbourne’s most heavenly latte. Or perhaps more accurately, this little latte heaven/hell journey (with so many cafés in Melbourne there are bound to be many bad experiences along the way). This coffee challenge is further inspired by the wet summer not long behind us. Nothing pains me more than a bitterly cold day and the disappointment in purchasing a latte that holds a ND (Non-Drinkable) status. Keeping in mind that it probably comes with a $5 price tag.

Rules of this challenge, if a suburb does not have a latte that reaches a certain criteria I promise that this particular suburb will not be included merely to provide a blogpost titled, A perfect latte for every Melbourne suburb. If I drink a particularly bad latte, I’ll be sure to share this with you, somewhere along the journey, to help you avoid the same disappointment (despite how desperate you might be for a coffee hit). Please remember, there is large number of cafés in Melbourne – with so much choice, you should never feel the disappoint of a bad latte. Let me help you make the right choice, irrespective of what corner of Melbourne you are found craving a latte.

I refuse to have a pre-commitment to a Top 10 or a Top 5, not due to lack of capacity to commit or laziness towards the project. Many food and beverage writers, bloggers, critics alike fall into the trap of creating Top 10 or Top 5 lists, of restaurants, bars, desserts and so on. Due to their pre-commitment, it is highly possible to be backed into a corner and include a particular place that might not have otherwise made the cut. This leads the general public into a false sense of security when selecting another ‘great’ pick from a Top 10 list, only to be left disillusioned and lacking faith in Top 10’s or Top 5’s of any form.

So, what can I promise?  I pledge I will at least consume one coffee per day and avoid exceeding three. Simply, as I will never be able to sleep otherwise (I’m currently sticking to a ‘no coffee after 5pm’ policy). Plus, it is probably not an overly healthy step for me to be overdosing on lattes, as much as I love them.

Finally, there will be a criteria. Since I have found inconsistency to be an issue with even some well renown coffee spots around this city, that will definitely come into play. Once, down to the finals, a panel of four fellow Melbournian Coffee Connoisseurs (a different type of M.C.C), will weigh in with their votes. This will help avoid any biases and will help to consider a variety of palette preferences when it comes to Melbourne’s most delicious latte.

More details to come.

Melbourne’s Coffee Challenge – Day 1 of 365

Let the hunt begin!


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