The Great Melbourne Coffee Challenge (update)

Day 130

Current consumption rate: 2.7 coffees/day

Minimum: 1.5 coffees

Maximum: 4 coffees

I know, I know, I’ve already broken my golden rule  (see, hereof not consuming more than 3 coffees per day. I got a bit excited about the challenge in the first few weeks.

Four months have passed since I commenced my coffee challenge, plenty has taken place in my world of coffee. Time to share.

As my exploration of coffee continued, I reached an interesting challenge (yes, a challenge within the challenge). I started a new job at an ad agency [insert plug here], who have a special existing affiliation with a certain coffee spot in the CBD. Enter my coffee dilemma. By default, I started consuming more coffees from this particular café. This initial road block in my coffee challenge, lead to an interesting observation.

This coffee spot has great coffee – my opinion after my first latte. Then, an ugly issue surfaced – consistency and the bi-polar issue. It wasn’t a case of a near perfect coffee followed by a mediocre one. It was either decent or a ND (Non Drinkable) status. How bad is a ND? One sip, swallow if you must and bin the rest. My confusion deepened. I originally thought it must be a case of the skills of the barista. Surely this must be the explanation? I wish it was that simple. I found that the same barista, on the same day, might make a decent latte, followed by a ND! What could cause this? Time of day? How busy the cafe was? No, and no. I have even returned ten minutes later, to be handed a ND after receiving a great coffee only minutes earlier. I was starting to believe that there must be something wrong with my taste-buds, so I decided to get a second opinion and then a third and fourth. No issues with my taste-buds. Further exploration clearly needed to solve this mystery.

Let the coffee challenge continue.


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Hey, I'm better known as Em (or many other nicknames - a list that is too long to include here). I belong to the marketing/advertising industry and currently reside in my home city Melbourne. A proud Melbournian (who of course is a footy fan - Go Pies), sharing a love for sports of all kinds. After travelling across many timezones it's always great to come across something new, that's creative, artistic, well designed and inspiring in my own backyard. View all posts by Emily Medizaday

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