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December 31st – What does it mean to you?

“What are your plans for New Years Eve?” How many times do you hear this as each and every year is nearing an end. Some people organise their plans weeks in advance, others it’s more of a last minute scramble. I love a good party as much as anyone, but let’s be honest, for every year can you honestly say that New Years Eve was the best party or most fun night out for that entire year? I doubt it.

For me, as December 31st hits every year, there is something else on my mind, stirring emotions of excitement and anticipation. December 31st marks Day 1 of the tennis calendar, The Aussie Summer of tennis commences at The Hopman Cup in Perth.

Having family out West and travelling out there as a youngester, The Hopman Cup always rates highly on my list. It’s like no other existing tennis tournament. The Hopman Cup is a mixed tennis competition where male and female players are paired up in teams to represent their country. The round robin tournament may not be as prestigious as some of the other tennis tournaments, however, there is a great history behind it and many great talents have first emerged or been noticed at this very tournament. Some have gone on to be finalists or win major tournaments and Grand Slams, others, never fully achieved what they were clearly capable of achieving. Whether it’s new emerging talent or an established champion of the game, it’s also a good opportunity to see players battle it out in mixed doubles, you’ll never again see many of these players play mixed doubles anywhere else, ever! So whatever your plans are for NYE and over the next week, I urge you to tune into the ABC, it’s definitely worth the watch.