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Don’t gag the gag – Let Ricky Gervais be Ricky Gervais

The countdown begins. In 20 hours 38 minutes and 7 seconds, millions will be tuning into the Golden Globes, not so much to see who takes home all the awards or who’s wearing what, but to see Ricky Gervais in action, entertaining audiences around the world like only he can.

It seems although The Hollywood Foreign Press can’t decide whether they love or hate Ricky. Wasn’t it only last year where organisers said Gervais would never be invited back? Well they’ve invited him back alright and I can’t wait to tune in and watch him host the Golden Globes for the third year. Perhaps the soaring ratings helped in their decision making process?

It’s quite simple. If you don’t want Ricky Gervais to be Ricky Gervais, don’t invite him back to host the awards. Instead, they have invited him back and apparently NBC will be employing a seven second delay, that will allow Dick Clark (the shows producer) to cut comments about celebrities in attendance that are deemed “to close to the bone” to broadcast.

As Ricky mentioned in an interview, when questioned about his intended style and approach for the awards, “if they’ve invited me I’m going to do it my way or else they might as well invite someone else.”

Let’s face it, whether you’re a movie-buff, fashion guru, in the industry or aspire to be, a celebrity chaser, or just like to be in-the-know, the Golden Globes are not a “must see” show for many of us, now that we can get updates straight to our mobile phones, or jump online and hear who won what and see pictures of who was wearing what almost instantly regardless of where we are or what we’re doing at the time. I feel Ricky has single-handedly changed that – those that love him, are actually excited to tune in to hear him in action and those that are opposed to him or find him offensive or outrageous, are still intrigued to tune in to be aware of the controversy and to ensure they’ll be able to voice their opinions the next day in the office.

In a recent interview Ricky captured the Golden Globes and industry awards perfectly, “Award shows are boring, they’re not a spectator sport so I’m trying to make them one.” And he’s doing a great job of injecting the entertainment value. Many have tried but failed, I just hope that none of Ricky’s jokes are omitted, let Ricky Gervais be Ricky Gervais or don’t bother inviting him back for a fourth year and deal with the drop off in ratings as a result.