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The Great Melbourne Coffee Challenge (update)

Day 130

Current consumption rate: 2.7 coffees/day

Minimum: 1.5 coffees

Maximum: 4 coffees

I know, I know, I’ve already broken my golden rule  (see, hereof not consuming more than 3 coffees per day. I got a bit excited about the challenge in the first few weeks.

Four months have passed since I commenced my coffee challenge, plenty has taken place in my world of coffee. Time to share.

As my exploration of coffee continued, I reached an interesting challenge (yes, a challenge within the challenge). I started a new job at an ad agency [insert plug here], who have a special existing affiliation with a certain coffee spot in the CBD. Enter my coffee dilemma. By default, I started consuming more coffees from this particular café. This initial road block in my coffee challenge, lead to an interesting observation.

This coffee spot has great coffee – my opinion after my first latte. Then, an ugly issue surfaced – consistency and the bi-polar issue. It wasn’t a case of a near perfect coffee followed by a mediocre one. It was either decent or a ND (Non Drinkable) status. How bad is a ND? One sip, swallow if you must and bin the rest. My confusion deepened. I originally thought it must be a case of the skills of the barista. Surely this must be the explanation? I wish it was that simple. I found that the same barista, on the same day, might make a decent latte, followed by a ND! What could cause this? Time of day? How busy the cafe was? No, and no. I have even returned ten minutes later, to be handed a ND after receiving a great coffee only minutes earlier. I was starting to believe that there must be something wrong with my taste-buds, so I decided to get a second opinion and then a third and fourth. No issues with my taste-buds. Further exploration clearly needed to solve this mystery.

Let the coffee challenge continue.